Wow, it’s been months since I posted anything in our blog. I’ve been too busy to find the time when I should post the funny things that happen in the shop each day. It would make for good humor. I have a needlework group that visits my shop on occasion. They bring in their beautiful projects and bead until lunch. Off they go to have a fun lunch at one of the local Mom & Pop shops in Woolmarket. Not too many to choose from – we have The Love Shack, Taranto & Sons and Miss Piggy’s. Each has a variety of items on their menus and they are all yummy!
Back to the story. I am the keeper of the needlework as they indulge in their noon meal and then they are back at it the rest of the afternoon. I remember that I used to go to a cute little shop in Biloxi by Mary Mahoney’s when I was younger (before beads). It had wonderful needlework. So to have these ladies in my shop, brings back lots of good memories and makes me want to pull out my needlework again. Recently, I had a visit from Dee and Leona and Dee was looking for some type of bead to enhance her needlework. Dee sent me a picture of a completed project and and a nice note;
“Thanks to My Beaded Hangout, I found the perfect embellishments for my latest needlepoint canvas. The Swarovski crystals, along with the pearls, really bring out the complexity of the stitches”.  

Here’s a picture – what do you think? Great job Dee and thanks for sharing your beautiful piece.