It’s always entertaining to me to talk to the visitors at Gallery 782 and ask them where they are from and if they are enjoying our wonderful South Mississippi weather. My bead shop is comprised of two small rooms with thousands of beads hanging on the walls. I typically sit in the back room at my computer so I normally don’t see my guests until they stick their head in the doorway. Men usually have this glazed-over look in their eyes like they have entered the twilight zone. I always tease them and ask if they are ready for their “fly fishing” lesson to learn how to tie a fishing fly. Then, of course, I tell them I am kidding and you can see the relief on their faces. I get a kick out of doing this and have started some interesting conversations with this tactic. What I really need to do is get someone to teach me how to tie a fly and have some in the front room in case I get a nibble.

To continue, a couple of weeks ago, I had a couple in here from Italy who were traveling from Miami to New Orleans. The husband spoke no English but was very interested in my beads. The wife told me that his hobby was tying fishing flies and he actually bought three different colors of my Swarovski crystals (3mm) to put on his flies. The following week, a fellow stuck his head in and I made my usual comment about his fly fishing lesson. His eyes widened and he asked, “You really do that?” Of course, I had to admit that I just said that to men to get the glazed look out of their eyes. But then I told him about the nice Italian man who had bought the crystals for his flies. He was so interested in what color he bought that I looked it up on my register and showed him the colors. He ended up buying two colors.
Now, he is from Green Bay and I gave him my card and asked him to send me a picture once he got home and made some flies with the Swarovski crystals. Hopefully, he will send me a photo so that I will have something else interesting to post at My Bead Hangout.

Photo by Cate Storymoon